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Lashawn Dreher Background


As an impactful community builder and Networking Maven®, Lashawn brings her expressive energy and wealth of expertise to every room and stage. Whether it's delivering a captivating keynote, leading workshops, hosting virtual or in-person events, or moderating panels, this cultural visionary doesn't miss!

Lashawn's commitment to fostering connections and engaging in meaningful conversations makes her an invaluable asset to any event looking to inspire, educate, and engage audiences.

2023 Southeast Sistahs in Business Expo Authorpreneur Panel Moderator Lashawn Dreher

Featured Speaker + Media Engagements

Impact expands beyond what is seen; for Lashawn, it's often felt in what is said. This gallery features a diverse range of platforms and opportunities that have ignited audiences with action, inspiration, and wisdom.


From moderating and facilitating, to guest appearances on shows, these spaces opened the doors to pour into thousands.

Southeast Sistahs In Business Expo


From behind the scenes of the expo to the main stage, Lashawn joined the Southeast Sistahs in Business Expo as a moderator for their Authorpreneur Panel. 

Setting the tone with free-spirited energy, she led the panel through dialogue about storytelling, publishing, and the liberation of sharing your knowledge and truths.

The Coterie Noir Costa Rica Boudoir Retreat and Workshops - Attendees.png

Costa Rica Boudoir Retreat & Workshops


Attendees of the international retreat and workshops by The Coterie Noir, formerly Boudoir for Black Women, engaged in an immersive marketing workshop to position their brands as an authority, curate customer-centric content, and create experiences that go beyond still images.

As visual artists, each attendee learned to leverage digital channels and understand the value of communities that establish loyalty long after images have been delivered. 

The Coterie Noir Boudoir Retreat Workshop Speaker Lashawn Dreher

ESSENCE + GU Entrepreneur Summit


As a speaker, Lashawn offered quick tips for entrepreneurs who are interested in securing funding for their businesses, detailing strategies for developing the perfect pitch and providing resources that offer funding to small businesses.


Throughout the virtual experience, Lashawn held down the Live Q&A, answering the questions of attendees and sharing additional knowledge for their benefit.

You were on fire!!!!! AND I noticed you were doing double duty. I saw a few of your comments on FB as well.  From your business hack video to your engagement on Studios, we knew that we chose the right person for the job. We appreciate you and we’re grateful for your participation. Thank you for everything. 


Gabrielle Shea — Experiential Director, ESSENCE

Red Opening Quotation Mark

Lashawn, It was a pleasure to meet you and I'm excited to get to see you in action engaging with everyone!  You were terrific and your segment's energy was amazing!

Kara Cahoon — Senior Experiential Product Manager, ESSENCE

Red Closing Quotation Mark

Event Curation, Hosting, + Broadcast Media

The State of Alignment: A Synergetic Forum For Business & Wellness


Immerse yourself in a harmonious community with BlkWomenHustle® where knowledge meets action, and the pulse of progress is set by a collective of Black Women coming into alignment with the best versions of our personal and professional beings.

Converge the realms of wellness and business as Black Women address the need to align our minds, bodies, and businesses, without compromising the success of professional pursuits.

Meetup Live: Building A Community For Entrepreneurs


Over 780 individuals of various demographics and professional backgrounds attended a Meetup Live segment, featuring Networking Maven® Lashawn Dreher. 

Building a Community for Entrepreneurs discussed the dos and don’ts of community building and entrepreneurship, the role of authenticity in building social capital, and growing a thriving community.

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