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I'm Lashawn, the Marketing Strategist amplifying the voices and businesses of Black Women entrepreneurs and creatives with innovative marketing strategies and campaigns.

If your marketing efforts have stalled out, I'm the no bullshit-solution to getting it back on track!

I've facilitated workshops, designed assets, curated nationwide events, content, and campaigns, and organized partnerships with some of the world's largest and most impactful companies.

You can work with me to enhance your online visibility, create brand loyalists, and secure the bag with solid marketing strategies, content, events, and campaigns.


Founder of BlkWomenHustle - Marketing Strategist Lashawn Dreher

You better believe there's more to me than being an extraordinary marketer.


As the Networking Maven I've grown a supportive community of 110,000+ Black Women entrepreneurs, professionals, and creatives, and launched a digital media company to unapologetically display the brilliance of Black Women around the world.

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BlkWomenHustle® is the global, all-in-one networking platform designed for Black Women entrepreneurs, professionals, and creatives to network with purpose, learn from industry-leading experts, and grow profitable businesses. Women are positioned to be the most sought-after and highest paid through impactful events, a top-ranked business podcast, marketing for their endeavors, and endless networking opportunities.

EMOIR Magazine is the newest digital publication celebrating the ventures and success of enterprising Black Women. This interactive business and lifestyle magazine addresses civic and cultural topics relative to Black Women. Its exclusive interviews and engaging articles highlight Black Womanhood through the latest news, trends, events, businesses, culture, and entertainment.

It's time to spark a creative revolution for your company.

Whether you're an entrepreneur looking for growth or an established company seeking a fresh perspective, connect with me to amplify your voice and visibility, build social capital, and implement a mindful marketing experience with tactical execution tailored to the unique needs of your brand.