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A part of digital marketing is telling your story while expanding your digital footprint. Here's how Lashawn's impact is showing up on the web and in the world.

Lashawn Dreher on Lady Mogul Talk Show
The Power of Presence: From A Marketing Maven Featuring Lashawn Dreher

In this episode of Lady Mogul Talk, we speak with Lashawn Dreher, Founder of BlkWomenHustle® and Editor-in-Chief of EMOIR Magazine, as she unveils her top tips on networking and marketing.


You don’t want to miss the invaluable insights on navigating the business world as a woman and harnessing the power of connections to elevate your brand. Plus, discover the driving force behind her entrepreneurial journey and the founding of BlkWomenHustle®.

Lashawn Dreher on Roland Martin Unfiltered
Tech Talk Segment with Lashawn Dreher of BlkWomenHustle

BlkWomenHustle® Founder Lashawn Dreher joins the Roland Martin Unfiltered Daily Digital Show for Tech Talk, the weekly segment highlighting Black tech companies on the rise.


Lashawn discusses the BlkWomenHustle App and how it's becoming ground zero for Black Women expanding, educating, and sustaining communities for growth

Mobile App Designer Lashawn Dreher
Founder Creates App to Revolutionize Networking For Black Women Entrepreneurs, Professionals, and Creatives

Meet Lashawn Dreher, founder and creator of the BlkWomenHustle® app, a revolutionary networking application for Black women entrepreneurs, professionals, and creatives. The app cultivates social capital, strengthens economic empowerment, and catapults careers and entrepreneurial pursuits.

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