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3 Tips to Generate Leads for Your Online Business

One of the greatest struggles for online businesses is the development of leads. Many use social media as the primary tool for generating those leads, but they lack strategy. In this post, you’ll learn three tips to get in front of your target audience and increase the number of leads for your online business.


Search engines can perform searches based on keywords, locations or services. One of the easiest methods to draw Google and Yahoo traffic to your site is by ensuring that it has been properly optimized for search engine optimization (SEO). Use the appropriate keywords, update page descriptions, use title tags, increase your site speed, optimize your images, and always get a preview of how your page appears on the search engine.

Other ways to optimize your website include obtaining backlinks-- links from an external site to your site. For example, if you get featured in Forbes and they link your website in the article, you now have a backlink from a high traffic source.

You can also consider the following options:

  • Sign up for a high-traffic business directory that aligns with your mission and/or target audience

  • Pitch to major publications that will secure features and link your website in the article

  • Run ads on high-traffic sites that allow business promotions to your target audience


For just $2 per day, you can run social media ads to grow your online audience. With the ability to track your ad’s performance and monitor easily by city, state, gender, age, and other demographics, Facebook Ads attract an enormous amount of professionals and businesses on a daily basis. By targeting who to reach with your message, businesses can gain more confidence in knowing they’re reaching their target audience.

You can purchase ads for blogs posts, events, business pages, and more to increase your amount of potential leads. While ads are available on all social media outlets and search engines, many believe Facebook Ads generate the most effective leads and reach. However, TikTok seems to be changing the game as brands are finding a more effective and affordable solution to reach audiences through micro-influencers. On the high end, Google Ads can get expensive, but they are usually worth it in the end when your site is well designed, the messaging is clear, and your offering solves a problem. The accuracy of your chosen audience comes down to selecting the right interests-- without this, I couldn't tell you who's seeing the ads, but I can bet they're not who you're looking for! The interest selection can get a little confusing for most, causing a waste of money and an unsuccessful ad run.

My advice? Do your research first!


Content creation isn't about sharing what's popular. It's about creating what your audience sees as visually appealing, emotionally striking, or thought-provoking content that they will appreciate, whether that be an infographic, a video, a heartfelt story, or social media photos. This is what sets you apart from competition or similar platforms.

Content can make or break your online presence. While you have the options of stock photo and video sites, don’t forget that many of the apps you’re promoting your business on have given you all the tools you need to create some dope visuals and creative engagement tools. For example, on Instagram, you now have reels and guides to give users more ways to engage with your page and/or learn in a short period of time. You don’t always have to go to outside sources to create something dope-- use what you have and maximize on the opportunities available to reach new audiences! Get in your creative bag and generate some new leads.

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